Yschool Hall of Fame



  1. Tanya Garg, DPS 45
  2. Siddhartha Choudhary, DAV Sector-14
  3. Vedant Gupta, Suncity World School
  4. Sarthak Seth, KR Mangalam World School
  5. Harshit Sehgal, Heritage School
  6. Kshitiz Agarwal, DPS Sushant Lok
  7. Akshat Chhajer, Heritage School


  1. Vaishnavi Gade, DPS RKP
  2. Sarthak Goswami, AIS 43
  3. Aman Sidhant, DPS RKP
  4. Vaibhav Bajaj, DPS VK
  5. Devarshi Sharma, AIS 43
  6. Mehul Garg, KR Mangalam World School


  1. Neil Kakkar, AIS 43
  2. Soham Banerjee, DPS 45
  3. Soumya Wadhwa, AIS 43
  4. Shipra Banga, AIS 43
  5. Vaishnavi Muthu, DPS 45
  6. Shubham Taneja, DPS MK
  7. Apurva Bhagat, AIS 43
  8. Ayush Gupta, Ryan International
  9. Sarthak Agarwal, AIS 43
  10. Rakshit Yaduvanshi, AIS 43
  11. Siddhant Oswal, DPS 45
  12. Ritwik C, DPS 45

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USP of MATH Yschool

Comprehension Ability

Y Maths equips students with to read and understand the problem and extract all the information given in it. Howsoever, long or complex may it be.

Divide and Conquer

Y Maths helps students develop knack of breaking down a large complex problem into smaller solvable problems.

Mathematical Techniques

Mathematical tools and techniques learnt in this course will help students solve these smaller problems smartly.

An Insight

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