Recipe of Success at Yschool

A teacher is as good as the effort put in by his students. We prescribe the following Method to the students to ensure success at 21A:

Pre-read– Read the chapter prior to the class. You will be able to anticipate what the teacher will teach. It will also help you to clarify your doubts

After class Revision – 45-60 minutes of after class revision on the very same day is mandatory. Its called Golden Hour of Studies.

Regular practice– Build your stamina to make at least one sitting of 3 hours at a stretch everyday. This helps build concentration and is useful from the point of view of examinations.

No Last Minute Exam Preparation–Exam or Assesments are a way to test your knowledge. It makes no sense to prepare on the last day as we are not learning for just “1 Exam Day”. We want to learn for life. If we make last minute preparation for the exam, the whole purpose of the “learning”  is defeated.

List and Ask Doubts- No Question is a dumb question. Ask as many questions as you can and list them as soon as they occur to you. This is a very good practice to make the best use of your contact time with the teacher.

Screen Distraction- Facebook and Whatsapp need to be kept under check.

All the Best and Happy Learning!