Practice Makes a Man Perfect

Arithmetic is a really important skill. Calculating how much one has to pay after a discount at the store. How much tax liability will I have once Government imposes a new tax.

Studying Mathematics helps develop logical reasoning and problem solving skills.


However, Mathematics requires persistent practice. There are just so many concepts that it may be easy to grasp them on day one but till they are practised they can be very easily lost.

First level – One applies the rule mechanically, then proficiently and finally automatically.

Dealing with numbers and arithmetic is as complex an activity as learning a language. We all know how difficult it is to learn a language apart from our mother tongue. We keep reading books, we keep watching movies, cartoons and only then do we learn a little bit of it. Similar amount of time devoted to mathematics will translate into hours of practice.

Practice is the most important ingredient for success in Mathematics smile emoticon