Come Fall in Love With Math at Y Maths

Our signature course Math 21A provides  the right rigor and direction to students who aspire to pursue quant based disciplines such as Engineering, Mathematics or Statistics.

In this course, we dive deep into each K-10 level Math topic from Algebra to Geometry to Trigonometry.

Y Maths equips the students with the following:

Comprehension Ability – to read and understand the problem and extract all the information given in it

Divide and Conquer – develop knack of breaking down a large complex problem into smaller solvable problems.

Mathematical tools and techniques learnt in this course will help students solve these smaller problems smartly

To accomplish these we follow 10×10 model as opposed to 100×1. Our students do 10 questions 10 times versus doing 100 questions only once. This consolidates their understanding to such an extent that it becomes their way of thinking and they are able to apply the learning in all situations. We have handpicked the problems in a fashion that those encompass most problem types.

With this endeavor, we wish to skyrocket the level of Math Learning in India to match global standards such as those in Singapore, Hong Kong etc.

In 2013-14, 43% of our students from this course made it the prestigious VMC Founders’ batch.

A just testimony to our success 🙂